Bedroom Mixer or professional DJ the choice is yours!

Your party is important to you having saved for months to enjoy that special night, do you book a bargain basement bedroom mixer or professional mobile DJ you have a choice when arranging your entertainment, do I spend all my money on decorations and the food or is the mobile disco just as or more important? 


Yes we all have a budget to work with when booking an event or party and only one chance to get it right for that all important party night you must think before you commit yourself. If you're budget is limited you can hire equipment and do the music yourself that way you know it will be what you want, or you can make sure you budget allows for a professional DJ to come along and guarantee your party is a success, quality does cost more but is well worth the extra expense


Quite a few people go on line and buy a new disco for as little as three hundred pounds however the quality is not what you are buying just a machine that might do the job, if it fails on the night of the party, will your "DJ" have back up spares with him or just go home?


It is nice to see who you are booking and their name having looked at many websites in Devon I find most of these "DJs" do not give their names and in fact do not have pictures of themselves or a list of their past and present clients, they also have lots or so called written letters making great claims however do not in fact show the originals which leads me to feel they are in fact not true.


Quite a few venues have a "Resident DJ" which they include in your overall bill this can be a big risk as most of them just use bedroom-mixers, they tend to be the cheapest disco regardless of quality or performance, the venues add their booking fee on usually doubling your entertainment bill plus VAT! 


Just a small minority of hotels & venues have excellent resident DJs but why take that risk of someone you can not meet or discuss your requirements with before your special day, you still have the added expense of VAT on your bill, it makes sense to shop around for a quality mobile DJ. 


If the DJ you decide to book wants a deposit ask for written confirmation in the form of a contract making sure he puts his name on it confirming that he is the one you are booking and in fact will be the one who turns up for your party or is he an agent? who will pocket your deposit then send a friend to entertain your guests.



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 Party night at Charlton Athletic FC with a group of Steve St John's fans