Music from 1930 to present day if your request is not in his collection he will buy it for your party night


From the 1930s era my MP3 collection goes right up to present day about 20,000 tracks, 100% of the music is dance covering every type of genres listed below and no listening music that is for home, however the classical and opera are for events held in London wine vaults where background music is required. I love music of all types foreign or otherwise if it has a good beat I will buy it and fit it into my collection knowing it will get played at someone's party or international event now or in the future, I have lots of cheese and thousands of great dance tunes covering every form of music.


1930 Swing


1940 Big Band, London Songs, Sing Along, Strict Tempo 


1950 Rockabilly, Rock n Roll, Rhythm Blues, Jazz, Blue Grass, Skiffle, Calypso  


1960 Pop, Heavy Rock, Atlantic Soul, Northern Soul, Tamla Mowtown, Reggie, Blue Beat, Ska


1970 Pop, Soul Dance, Cheese, Country Western, Line Dance, Party Cheese, Classical, Opera


1980 Pop, Dance, New Romance, Cream, House, Trance, Ska, Punk, Garage, Techno, Drum Bass


1990 Brit Pop, Indie, Guitar Bands, Dance, RnB, Swing, Hip Hop, Electro, Chill, Rap, Lovers Rock


2000 Pop, Dance, Dubstep,


2010 Pop, Dance, Bashment Reggie, 


2020 Waiting to see what exciting things are to come.


International Music Collection 


American    -    Argentina    -    Australian




Cuba    -    Colombia


Egypt    -    English 






India    -    Ireland    -    Italy Opera




Pakistan    -    Poland




Scotland    -    Spain




Waiting for more foreign clients to book me to add to my collection