International mobile DJ Steve St John for foreign clients party night celebrations Russian or otherwise!

Steve has entertained at many foreign clients parties over the years he has been a mobile DJ and still gets booked to play music at many top venues in London to do just that, he is more than able to read the mood of people attending and can cope with the different tastes in music foreign or otherwise, he can play music from any country in the world and is happy to go with any request given to him at the party by guests or his client.


 A list of some of Steve's past and present foreign clients


West Indian wedding, West Indian blue-beat night & Reggie, English & Indian civil partnership, Turkish & Egyptian wedding reception, Russian 21st birthday party, Russian wedding reception, Russian banquet, American & English wedding reception, Canadian & English wedding reception, French Canadian & English wedding reception, Greek & English wedding reception, Greek & Turkish wedding reception, Greek wedding reception, Pakistani wedding reception, Indian party night, Burns night party, St Patrick's night party, Irish wedding reception, Irish & English wedding reception, Polish wedding reception, Polish eighteenth birthday party, Mauritian wedding reception, Scottish wedding reception, Denmark party night, French party night, Belgian party night, Columbian birthday party, Brazilian & Australian wedding reception, Irish & Welsh national rugby teams party night in fact these are just a few of his many foreign & British clients. 




Greek wedding at Richmond Park Priory smashing plates


Greek plate smashing and dancing in Richmond Park with Steve St John